7 Tips for Mixing Patterns and Colors in Your Winter Coats

In Your Winter Coats, 7 Tips for Mixing Patterns and Colors

mixing partern winter coats

Imagine wearing your coat in the winter, when it’s freezing outside and you can’t feel your fingers and toes, while everybody else is warm and cozy under their thick winter coats with their friends or family. Don’t let yourself be left out in the cold this year! Use these 7 tips to mix patterns and colors in your winter coats to make you stand out of the crowd, add some color to your winter wardrobe, and keep you nice and warm this season! With these tips, you’ll never be cold again...

1) Choose an overcoat

Picking the right overcoat is essential to staying warm during winter. A denim jacket is a great option for a casual look, while a linen blazer can dress up an outfit. For something in between, try a leather jacket or a hoodie. If you need something to keep you really warm, choose a parka or a puffer jacket. You could also go with a vest or hooded windbreaker if you're going to be out in windy weather. When it's cold outside, pick men's coats that are made of waterproof materials like faux fur or fleece jackets with lining.

You should also keep in mind your outfit when choosing an overcoat. If you have a dressy outfit, choose a leather or suede jacket that will really stand out. However, if you have a casual look planned, choose something like a bomber jacket or denim jacket instead. These kinds of jackets are great because they can be dressed up or down depending on what else you're wearing.

2) Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

One of the best ways to add some personality to your winter coats is by accessorizing. A scarf, hat, or even a pair of gloves can make a big difference. Not only will you be more stylish, but you'll also be warmer. And who doesn't want that? For outerwear, men's jackets are popular now. The bomber jacket is the coolest jackets on the planet and they're great because they keep you warm too!

Whether you go with a bomber or a more classic coat, it's easy to mix patterns by adding a scarf. You can pick one that matches your coat or one that stands out. Scarves aren't just for winter coats, either. Even if you're not wearing one, you can still accessorize by using a scarf as an eyeglass holder or simply holding your hat on top of your head. For something truly fashionable, try putting on some gloves.

3) Get Stripy With It

Nothing says winter like a cozy bomber jacket. But how do you keep it interesting? Add some stripes! A bold, graphic print will make your bomber stand out. Plus, it'll help keep you warm by creating an extra layer of insulation. Bomber jackets are also great to wear over bulky sweaters when the weather gets really cold because they're light enough to not add too much bulk. You can also team them with a chunky knit scarf or puffer vest to take on the colder temperatures while still looking good.

You can even wear your bomber jacket over a pair of formal pants or a suit to add some sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit. So next time you're looking for a stylish outerwear piece, consider investing in a bomber instead of an average winter coat. It'll help keep you warm all season long. And if you need inspiration on how to mix patterns with your bomber, don't worry!

4) Let it all hang out

We all know that layering is key to staying warm in winter, but what about when it comes to your coat? If you're like most people, you probably have a go-to coat that you wear day in and day out. But what if we told you that there's a whole world of possibilities out there when it comes to mixing patterns and colors in your winter coats? A well thought-out jacket will keep you warmer than any bulky sweater could ever hope to do. Plus, it will give you more options for how to dress on those cold days where dressing feels impossible because there are only two outfits left in your closet. Read on 10 men's coats that will keep you warm this winter!

One of my favorite things about winter coats is that they’re such a blank canvas. There are endless possibilities when it comes to mixing patterns, textures, and colors, especially with different types of coats (like bomber jackets or peacoats). You can take risks you might not normally take because a major mishap isn’t going to ruin your whole day. Not only that, but trying out new styles can give you some good ideas for how to mix your current wardrobe together.

5) Pick a color theme

If you're looking to mix patterns and colors in your winter coats, one way to do it is by picking a color theme. For example, you could go with a monochromatic look by sticking to different shades of one color. Or you could mix complementary colors like blue and orange. Not sure what colors go together? Check out a color wheel for inspiration. You can find them on most paint company websites. You'll see a series of circles that are divided into two halves- the cool half and the warm half. The cool half has blues, greens, violets, etc., while the warm half has yellows, oranges, reds. It's always better to use cooler colors when mixing as they tend to be more muted and make everything else seem brighter.

 In addition to picking a color theme, it's important to think about your own body shape when choosing your coats. For example, if you're short and stocky or overweight, a long, loose coat is probably not going to be flattering on you so pick a shorter style with fitted sleeves instead.

6) Go Big or Go Home

While it’s true that bigger is better when it comes to coats, there are a few other things you should keep in mind. For one, if you’re going to invest money in your coat, make sure that it keeps you warm. The best way to do that is to choose a winter coat with natural insulation, like fur or down feathers. If your coat has a hood, make sure that it fits snugly around your face – otherwise all of your body heat will escape through your head! If you need some extra warmth, get a jacket liner or wear an additional layer under your jacket. And the last tip: don’t forget to layer up! It can be tempting to put on just one thick sweater when outside, but adding multiple thin layers will keep the heat inside your coat much longer.

7) Keep your coat closed!

Bomber jackets keep you warm without looking too bulky, but they do have a tendency to flap open due to their design. That’s why it’s important to make sure your patterns all go in one direction. This way, when your coat flaps open, you won’t see two or three different patterns at once. You'll create some visual interest by mixing up colors instead of mixing up shapes, allowing you to stay warm without looking like a marshmallow.

If you do have an oversized jacket that you’re fond of, make sure to keep it buttoned up when it’s not zipped. This way, only one or two patterns will be visible at a time when your coat is open. Otherwise, you risk looking like a clown with your coat flapping open!  Also, if you plan on going with a very vibrant coat (such as red), keep your rest of your outfit toned down. This is a great way to balance out your look. You don’t want to come off like Christmas threw up on you! The best winter coats are those that can cover your upper body while keeping you warm and toasty. Just because the majority of them are made for women doesn't mean there aren't plenty that men can wear, too! 

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